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The Piggott School

A Church of England Academy

School Bus Timetable

For details of fares and how to apply please call 0118 9746119

All coaches depart Piggott at the end of the school day at 3:07


7:50        Remenham Hill
7:51        White Hill
7:56        Warren Row Road/Hatchgate Lane
8:20        The Piggott School



Parents should note that the ongoing viability of this route will be based on the uptake of users from September 2018.  RBWM Transport have given notice that they reserve the right to withdraw the route if there is insufficient demand

Bus Stop Morning Afternoon
Hurst (at the Pond) PM
Hurst (at the Cricket Club) PM
7.45am 3.45pm
Royal Oak PH Bus Stop (on Shurlock Row) 7.53am 3.40pm
Downfield Road Bus Stop (on Shurlock Row) 7.55am 3.37pm
The Bell, Waltham St Lawrence 7.56am 3.35pm
White Waltham CE Academy (on Waltham Road) 8.00am 3.30pm
Woodlands Park Shops (on Waltham Road) 8.04am 3.25pm
Altwood Road Bus Stop (on Cannon Lane) 8.06am 3.20pm
Westacott Way Roundabout Bus Stop (on Bath Road) 8.12am 3.18pm
Frogmore Farm Bus Stop (nr Burchetts Grn RA) AM
Square Deal Café Bus Stop (on Bath Road) PM
8.15am 3.15pm
Bird in Hand Bus Stop (on Bath Road) 8.17am 3.13pm
The Piggott School 8.25am 3.07pm

Achieving for Children Transport Helpline: (01628) 796179 or  (01628) 796950


Achieving for Children: Home to School Transport
Golden Rules for Parents & Pupils - Advice From the Coach Operators


  • Ensure that young children and those with special needs are taken to the bus stop or agreed pick up point at east 5 minutes beforehand, and that they are looked after until the bus/vehicle arrives.
  • Make sure children have their Pass or Season Ticket with them (if applicable) – operators will make checks nd may refuse to carry those without tickets or passes.
  • Ensure that young children and those with special needs are met when the bus/vehicle arrives from school.
  • Remember that young children and those with special needs often forget road safety as they get off the bus/vehicle.
  • Teach children the safety rules. Make sure they understand the rules for pupils in this leaflet. Please remind them that you will be held responsible for any vandalism caused by your child.
  • Make sure your child knows what to do if the bus/vehicle is late, or does not arrive.
  • Help bus/vehicle drivers and passenger assistants (if provided) do their job. Remind young people that playing around the bus stops and on buses can cause accidents and injuries.
  • Make sure your children do not wear clothing that could be caught in a bus door e.g. hanging belts or bags with loose straps.
  • Advise the driver or passenger assistant if there is a particular difficulty with your child on a specific day.
  • If your child is unaccompanied between home and the bus stop, make sure that he or she knows and follows the safest route and uses the safest crossing places.
  • Notify the staff in the Transport Team of any changes to your circumstances immediately and if your Pass or Season Ticket is no longer required, please return it to the Transport Team so that a refund can be obtained.
  • Passes and Season Tickets are valuable. There is a £20.00 charge for a replacement pass and Season Tickets cannot be replaced more than once. Lost Tickets should be reported immediately to the Transport Team who will advise you how to obtain a replacement.
  • Please contact the operator direct for information regarding pick up points and the timetable.


  • Be on time and always have your Bus Pass (if applicable) - you may not be able to travel without it.
  • Do not play in or near the road while waiting for the bus/vehicle. Wait on the pavement well back from the road.
  • Take care that your coat, scarf or bag are not caught in the door when getting on or off the bus.
  • Find a seat quickly and quietly without pushing or crowding round the door. If there is a seat belt on the vehicle, put it on. Stay in your seat when the bus is moving.
  • Treat other passengers with respect – bullying or bad behaviour will not be tolerated.
  • Use headphones if you listen to music.
  • Do not eat or drink. Do not litter. Do not smoke.
  • Do not get on or off the bus until it has completely stopped.
  • Take your belongings with you. If you forget anything, contact the bus company.
  • Keep well clear of the vehicle when you get off and don’t cross the road close behind or in front of the bus.
  • Make sure you can see clearly in both directions and use a pedestrian crossing if possible.
  • Remember, your actions may influence the behaviour of other people on the bus. Set a good example.

If you have any concerns about school transport please contact the Transport Team:


Tel: 01628 796179