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The Piggott School

A Church of England Academy

Piggott School Association (PSA)

The PSA is a valued and vital part of the school community that aims to:

  • Build positive relationships with parents, staff, students, governors and the wider school community;
  • Raise funds that contribute to the specific needs of the school that help enrich the student experience;
  • Provide an important platform for social engagement for parents;
  • Raise the profile of The Piggott School and maintain our positive reputation in the community.


We are always on the lookout for new and enthusiastic members of the PSA 


Chair - Harps Kaur

Hi! I have a son in Y10 and a daughter in Y9 and I’m excited to be part of the PSA.  Let me know if you have any ideas – we’re hoping to run some new events. Looking forward to meeting lots of you soon. You can contact me here  


Treasurer - Rowena McMenamin

I have a daughter in Year 11, and am really enjoying feeling closer to the school community through my involvement with the PSA. We have a great crew and have now gained momentum and gelled as a new team. We need more members to help us do more for the kids and the school, so please do come and join us! You can contact me at


Secretary - Kim Mead


Communications - Sarah Davies

Hi – I have a son and daughter who’ve just started in Y7 so I’m also looking forward to being part of the Piggott community and helping the school by raising money through some fun events.


Ordinary Committee Members include:

 Natalia Curtis


Mandy Dawkins

Latest PSA News

Year 7 Christmas Fayre

The PSA and school organised a very successful Year 7 Christmas Fayre in December 2021 which raised an amazing £1500 to share between the school and the students’ chosen charity - Camp Mohawk.  Each tutor group worked hard to plan and set up their stalls which included Guess the Christmas song, Splat the Santa, Lucky Dip and Chopstick Challenge to name but a few!  The cake and hot chocolate stands run by the PSA were also a big hit.

A big thank you to students, staff and parents for their help in setting up this school/PSA event.  COVID restrictions have made it impossible to organise a whole school event or invite parents along but we hope to organise events for other year groups in 2022. 


Find us on Facebook

Please don’t forget to visit our Facebook page for regular updates and news from the PSA.

Fundraising with

Why not do your shopping, or book you flights or holidays, on-line via the Piggott School eStore is the UK's biggest ‘good cause’ shopping site, having already generated over £5million pounds in donations through online shopping. They currently have over 2700 retailers, 55,000+ good causes, and over 500,000 registered supporters. The owners of the site have recently taken ownership of Spend and Raise and are in the process of migrating all their causes over to

Why not use it for business purchases as well? For example, office equipment, stationery, flights and hotels.

The Committee is always happy to welcome new members.

Please email us at if you have any questions or are interested in joining us.