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The Piggott School

A Church of England Academy

Dress Code

The Piggott School Sixth Form dress code

Sixth Form students are role models for younger year groups and, as such, should wear clothing that is in keeping with a professional working environment.

This expectation is a reference to the reality of professional environments once students move forward in their careers. The purpose of these boundaries is to support students in being able to make sensible judgements in the future about how to present themselves.

For safeguarding reasons all members of the Sixth Form must keep their school ID card and lanyard visible at all times.

Our expectations regarding dress code are communicated to students prior to applying for, and joining, the Sixth Form, via our prospectus.

To provide absolute clarity:

  • Students must be modestly dressed with no bare midriffs on show.
  • No inappropriately short skirts or shorts.
  • No offensive slogans or images.
  • No underwear should be visible.
  • No beachwear.
  • No excessive piercings or tattoos.
  • Headphones and mobile phones should be kept in bags outside of the Sixth Form block

This list is not exhaustive. Individual judgements may be made by the Sixth Form team.
Inappropriately dressed students may be sent home to change.
Repeated infringements will be considered a disciplinary matter.