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The Piggott School

A Church of England Academy

6th Form Enrolment & Results Days


A Level Results Day - Thursday 13th August

GCSE Results Day - Thursday 20th August

6th Form Enrolment Morning - Thursday 3rd Sept 


GCSE Results Day Thursday 20th August 2020

  • You will be looked after by the Key Stage 4 team as you collect your results
  • Existing Piggott students will be contacted by Mr Dusterhoft or Mrs McNaughton if you do not meet the admission criteria
  • External applicants to  The Piggott School Sixth Form will receive an email from Mrs Fish on    15th July detailing the procedures that need to be followed on results day
  • Following results it is possible to make subject changes but only up until noon on Friday 21st August.  To do this you must email Mrs Fish
  • Any requests to make changes to programmes of study after this deadline will only be dealt with on our Sixth Form Enrolment Day

If you have achieved the entry requirement grades for your subject choices and received a confirmation email from your designated member of staff, you are NOT required to attend Enrolment Day on 3rd September.

What if my results are not as expected?

  • If your results are better than expected and you wish to make a change to your programme of study you should email Mrs Fish by noon on Friday 21st August
  • Any requests to make changes to programmes of study after this deadline will only be dealt with on our Sixth Form Enrolment Day
  • If you haven't quite achieved the grades that you need, it is important that you do not worry – there is always a solution and on enrolment day the Sixth Form team will be on hand to help you
  • The offer that you have been made is not final until your GCSE grades have been finalised so there is plenty of time

What do I need to do before Enrolment Day?

  • Calculate your Best 8 score using our points calculator on our Sixth Form pages of the school website
  • Check your score and grades against the entry requirements for the subjects you wish to take
  • It may be useful at this point to take another look at the subjects on offer, especially if you think you either need to make a change or if you have changed your mind
  • Existing Piggott students will have already been contacted by Mr Dusterhoft or   Mrs McNaughton if they have not met the required entry points score
  • External applicants to Piggott Sixth Form will have received a detailed email from Mrs Fish on 5th July outlining procedures that need to be followed on results day and subsequently

If your subject change cannot be resolved by your allocated member of staff, they will make an appointment for you to come into school on 3rd September.  You will be allocated a specific appointment time             


  • Arrive promptly for your pre-arranged appointment
  • Please be prepared to be patient, you will need to speak to a number of people during your appointment


What will I do on Enrolment Day (appointments only)?

You will need to:

  1. Arrive in school promptly for your appointment
  2. Get a signature from the Head of Department for each subject – by signing they are agreeing to take you onto their course
  3. Once you have all of the signatures you need and your form is  signed by Mr Dusterhoft, Miss Reynolds or Mrs Fish you will be free to go home
  4. We will then see you to commence your studies on Monday 7th September at 0845.

Your support team:

Mr Dusterhoft (Head of Sixth Form)

Mrs McNaughton (Head of Year)

Miss Reynolds (Head of Year)

Mrs Van den Berghen (Careers)

Mrs Fish (Sixth Form Administrator)

Mrs Chipperfield (Careers)

A few rules

There are more that we will share with you in September, these are to ensure that you know what is expected of you in your first couple of days.


Although we do not have a dress code, we do not allow visible piercings or tattoos and hair must be of a natural tone. Students must also dress casually but appropriately for the school environment, footwear must be safe (no flip flops please).


  • Year 12 students are not allowed to bring cars on to the school site.
  • Students may request permission to come to school on a moped/scooter. A formal letter requesting permission must be sent to Mr Gray (Head teacher).

The School Day

  • The school day is 08:50 – 15:00.
  • Students register with their tutors twice a day.
  • Students are not permitted to leave the school site during the day.
  • Students can leave for medical appointments etc. but need to request permission from their Head of Year in advance of the appointment.

How to be a role model around school

  • You are a role model – right from today.
  • No mobile phone use outside of the 6th form area without permission from subject teacher.
  • Headphones are not to be worn around school or in lessons.
  • Head gear is only permitted in poor/hot weather and is to be removed inside.
  • We do not wish to see large amounts of flesh on display.

Paid employment

  • Be cautious – a job where you are required to do one/two shifts per week, mainly at weekends is beneficial.  Any shifts beyond this may be have a negative influence on your progress.

Bring your own device

  • We encourage you to use technology for learning when appropriate, you are welcome to bring in your own devices.
  • Use your smart phone to get organised.

Sixth Form Bursary

  • Can be awarded in cases of financial hardship, please speak to Mrs Fish, Mr Dusterhoft or Mrs McNaughton if you think you might be eligible.

Study Periods  

  • (when you are not in lessons) - You will be supervised in our silent study area while you develop as an independent learner.
  • You can request permission to work outside of the study area if you need to work collaboratively.