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Charvil Piggott Primary School

Part of the Piggott Church of England Academy

School Governors

Local Governing Committee

On 1st March 2024, The Piggott School joined the Agape Multi-Academy Trust (MAT). Each school within the Agape MAT has its own Local Governing Committee whose role and responsibilities are set out in a scheme of delegation and terms of reference.

As Charvil Primary and Wargrave Secondary are one school they share a Local Governing Committee.

If you wish to contact the Local Governing Committee, please email the Governance Professional


Members of the Local Governing Committee

Chair of the Local Governing Committee

Dr. Barbara Zesik –Parent Governor

Committee membership: Standards, Achievement, Learning and Teaching (SALT)

Term of appointment: 1st February 2023 – 31st January 2027

Declarations of Interest: None

In the world of business, we speak of the need for life-long learning, agility, resilience and strategic thinking to lead organisations to success. The same principles apply to our young people: the children, teenagers and young adults in education. Constant advances in technology, the integration of cultures, changing workplaces and increased macro-economic pressures will require resilient, able and confident people to join the workforces at all levels. 

I have a deep and long-standing passion for talent management, organisational development and business strategy, underpinned by an MSc in People and Organisational Development awarded by the University of Sussex and a Doctor in Business Administration from the University of Surrey. 

My career spans more than 30 years in progressively more senior roles across multiple industry sectors (including time in the education sector) and I am currently the Chief People Officer of an international, Berlin-based travel tech start-up. I could not have wished for a better opportunity to ‘pay forward’ to the next generation by sharing my experience and making a difference in young lives than by joining the board of governors of a school. 

After one year as Parent Governor and following the successful founding of the Agape Multi-Academy Trust, I am honoured to have been asked to Chair the newly formed Local Governing Committee of The Piggott School. 

I have a daughter in year eight and a son in year seven at The Piggott School. I very much look forward to continuing to work with the Governors and school leadership team to equip future generations to thrive and achieve their very best. 


Vice Chairs of the Local Governing Committee

Marianne Newman – Parent Governor

Committee Membership: Chair of SALT and member of the Primary Committee

Term of appointment: 22nd January 2018-21st January 2026

Declarations of Interest: Teacher at Polehampton Junior School (date interest began 22.1.2018)

With a daughter in year 7, I was keen to get more involved in school life at the Piggott. I felt that my background in primary education might benefit the governing body and that I could learn a lot along the way too.

I graduated with a BA(Ed) from Durham University in 1997 and moved to London where I gained a wealth of experience teaching different age groups in a wide range of primary schools. We moved to Charvil and I took some time out of work when my children were young. I then returned to teaching in 2012, when I started working part-time at Polehampton Junior School.

I am looking forward to working with the other governors as well as the senior leadership team and headteacher. Following the recent Ofsted inspection, I would like to see how I can help maintain the excellent standards that the school has set and am motivated to ensure that both the senior school and Charvil Piggott Primary continue to improve.

When I’m not playing chauffeur to my active children, I enjoy running, reading and the odd 9 holes of mediocre golf.

Mr Greg Scholes – Appointed with the consent of the Oxford Diocesan Board of Education

Committee membership: Chair of the Admissions Committee

Term of appointment: 28th June 2022 – 27th June 2026

Declarations of Interest: TransformEQ Limited (date interest began 18.10.2023)

My wife and I are South African by birth and have lived in the UK for 15 years and Twyford for 10 of them. We were both raised with strong Christian values, raising our children with these beliefs too. I have always had a passion for education and as a father of 2 (hopefully) heading to Piggott in the future I am pleased to join the Governors to help drive and deliver the school's strategy.

By day, I am a Change and Transformation Director, working with companies globally to help individuals, teams and companies unlock their true potential by creating and delivering strategic programs of work. I believe my experience, my kids future and my Christian upbringing put me in a position of strength to be a Governor and guide the school leadership where I can.



 Mrs Rebecca Alexander – Ex Officio - Headteacher

Committee membership: SALT, SMSC and Admissions

Term of appointment: 1st March 2024

Declarations of Interest: Headteacher of Wargrave Secondary


Ms Sarah Beere – Parent Governor

Committee membership: Admissions

Term of appointment: 1st February 2023 – 31st January 2027

Declarations of Interest: Trustee of the CPSA (Charvil Primary School) (date interest began 1.2.2023)

I am a Piggott alumna, and after completing my A- levels at Piggott I obtained a BA in Geography and a MA in Personnel Development.  

My eldest child is a pupil at Charvil Piggott primary school and I have a younger one whose Piggott journey commences in 2026. 

I see the role of Parent Governor as an opportunity to contribute towards the future success of the school that I have a long standing connection with.  

I’ve worked as an HR Director and ‘Head of’ for financial services and technology businesses in SMEs and have extensive operational and strategic HR experience, which I hope will benefit the Local Governing Committee.



Mrs Joanne Humphrey – Staff Governor

Committee membership: Admissions

Term of appointment: 1st October 2018 – 30th September 2026

Business Interest: The Piggott School – Teaching staff and Examiner for Eduquas Media Studies (date interest began 1.10.2018)

I am in my 13th year of teaching English and media studies and have been the head of media studies and a teacher of English at The Piggott School for over seven years. Prior to entering the profession, I worked in desktop publishing, advertising and marketing. I completed my degree in English and Media at the University of Leeds and have lived and worked in my home country of the UK and in Australia.

I am married and we have one son who recently completed his A Levels at a different local school.

I love my job and feel privileged to work at The Piggott School. I am an optimistic practitioner and I am always looking for ways to improve my own practice and to support teachers within my department to do the same.

I became a school governor because I believe I have the necessary enthusiasm and skills to make a difference to the strategic direction the school will take for the benefit of its students and staff.


Dr Thanda Mhlanga – Appointed with the consent of the Oxford Diocesan Board of Education

Committee membership: Primary

Term of appointment: 6th May 2021- 5th May 2025

Declarations of Interest: Member of the Twyford and Ruscombe CoE PCC - September 2022

                                                Founder of Ignite Inclusive Leadership (date interest began: 1.10.2023)

I am a ‘cultural-insider’ in the UK education system: I have held teaching, lecturing, teacher training, inspection and leadership and management roles across the three sectors of Compulsory Education, Further Education and Higher Education in Yorkshire, Wiltshire and Berkshire.   

I have a MA in Educational Leadership and Management and a PhD in the same field. However, the latter particularly focused in Critical Management Studies (CMS) – a field that is critical of established social practices and institutional arrangements. CMS contends that dominant theories and practices of management and organisation systematically favour some groups and/or interests at the expense of those who are disadvantaged by them. This background underpins my worldview: I do not only want to understand and explain status quo; I am committed to analysing social conditions and contributing towards the development of a more rationale and just society. Education is central to this objective.

As an educator, it dawned on me that a high proportion of students from marginalised or disadvantaged backgrounds were underachieving compared to their counterparts from advantaged backgrounds. This realisation triggered an interest in the field of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion – a field that I perceive as a commitment and a moral obligation. Consequently, I have dedicated most of my professional and academic life to challenging the UK education system to diversify and ‘inclusivise’ its curriculum so that all students can have a sense of belonging, grow, blossom and reach their full potential irrespective of their background. I left the academe recently to take a role in the NHS where I advocate for critical engagement with structural and systemic inequality.

I am married to Petronella – a Business Manager in the NHS. We have two children at Charvil Piggott Primary School. We are a practising Christian family and fellowship at St. Mary’s Twyford. My Christian values are key to my role as a Foundation Governor. I am hoping that over the next few years I will be able to add value and contribute to the religious underpinning and outstanding educational culture at the School.


Mr David Oppong – Appointed with the consent of the Oxford Diocesan Board of Education

Committee membership: Admissions

Term of appointment: 10th January 2022- 9th January 2026

Declarations of Interest: None.

"To be able to “go and do likewise” first, we must “train up a child the way [s/he] go, and when [s/he] is old [s/he] will not depart from it” as the Lord instructs us in Proverbs 22:6. It is an honour and privilege for me to contribute my gifts, talents and skills in enabling the Piggott School do just that.

My wife and I are blessed with three children all of whom are thankfully now at The Piggott School. This followed a period of having all three at different schools following our relocation from Southampton in March 2021.

While not an educationalist, I bring with a diverse breadth of leadership, policy, programme management and operational experience including from my time as an unqualified teacher in Ghana, a soldier in the British Army, a social worker for multiple local authorities, UK diplomat delivering humanitarian programmes with the United Nations, formulating and delivering policies and programmes across multiple Whitehall departments.

I am motivated by quality and excellence, and believe that “if it must be done, it but be done well”. I am hoping to bring rigour, constructive challenge, and put in the hours to ensure the Piggott School continues to equip our children to be shining stars of our local, national and international community in their own unique ways".


Mr Matthew Smith – Staff Governor

Committee membership: SALT and SMSC

Term of appointment: 30th September 2022 – 29th September 2026

Business Interest: The Piggott School - Teaching Staff (date interest began 30.9.2022)

I joined The Piggott School in 2018 as Head of Department for Design & Technology / Food Preparation and Nutrition. I have always had a passion for design, and I studied Product Design at university before completing the Graduate Teacher Programme.

I am married with two young children who keep me on my feet! We are part of our local church where we help lead worship and have been involved in children’s and youth work. If I have any free time I love to go kayaking or make something in my shed.

The Piggott School has a brilliant atmosphere and culture, and I am looking forward to working with the Local Governing Committee to continue to develop the school for both staff and students. 


 Mrs Alison Smyly – Appointed with the consent of the Oxford Diocesan Board of Education

Committee membership: Chair of the SMSC and Primary Committees

Term of appointment: 19th November 2018 -18th November 2026

Declarations of Interest: The PCC of the Ecclesiastical Parish of Sonning (date interest began 2017) Family member: Friends of St. Andrews Church (date interest began 2018), Trustee of the Agape Multi-Academy Trust (date interest began: 1st March 2024 - 5th July 2024) and employee of Waltham St. Lawrence Primary School (date interest began 7th May 2024)

I came to Reading for my first teaching post as a primary school teacher, working in Hampshire initially, then working in South Oxfordshire and Windsor and Maidenhead. I am married with three children. We are actively involved in St Andrew's Church, Sonning, and I currently lead the Sunday Club. It is a privilege to be serving the Piggott Community as a governor and I will seek to ensure the Christian character and vision of the school remain at the heart of all we do and to encourage links with the local churches.


Mr Christopher West – Appointed with the consent of the Oxford Diocesan Board of Education

Committee membership: Designated Safeguarding Governor and member of the SMSC Committee

Term of appointment: 19th November 2018 -18th November 2026

Declarations of Interest: Youth Minister at St. Andrew’s Church, Sonning (date interest began   19.11.2018)

I have been involved in Christian youth ministry for over 20 years. I have a degree in Youth & Community Work and Applied Theology with a JNC. I live locally in Woodley with my wife & daughter. My hobbies include table tennis, disc golf and managing a girls football team. I love spending time up a mountain either with a snowboard strapped to my feet, or walking with friends.

As a youth minister I am passionate about seeing young people fulfil their God given potential and I love to do this through building positive relationships and giving them spaces to learn, grow, discover and ask questions without fear of being judged. 

My hope, as a foundation governor, for The Piggott C of E School is that together, we will enable students to grow in faith, resilience, confidence and self worth in order that they might ‘go and do likewise.


Advisor to the SMSC Committee

Mrs Lucy Bowley 

Term of appointment: 18th April 2024

Declarations of Interest: Trustee for Regatta for the Disabled (date interest began 16th March 2016)

Following the birth of my daughter Emma , now 26 it became apparent that she had significant learning delays and so I became a full time Mum. My second daughter also has disabilities so I found myself championing their cause in a way I hadn't expected. A journey with a disabled child can be difficult and tough, but my experience is that schools settings and their  management are crucial to the well being of the whole family that and I wanted to be part of shaping that learning environment at The Piggott.

I am married to John and between us we have 5 children. I worship at St Mary’s Twyford and am a licensed lay preacher, worship leader and churchwarden. I believe very strongly that promoting Christian values in education sets our students up to be kinder, loving and more accepting of people they come into contact with. My prayer for them is that the feel the love of God strongly enough to witness the story of the Good Samaritan without hesitation. 


Governance Professional

Mrs Rebecca Marr

Appointment started: 
1st December 2013

Declarations of Interest: Governance Professional to Colleton Primary School (date interest began 1.12.2013), All Saints Primary (CE Aided) and Nursery (date of interest 1.2.2022 – 31.12.2023) and Agape Trust Board (date of interest: 1st March 2024)

I have been the Governance Professional since December 2013. I advise the Local Governing Body on all matters of law and procedure as well as dealing with their administration.  I am a qualified solicitor and practiced law for over 11 years in London.  I practiced mainly in litigation and housing law.   I became Head of the Civil Litigation Department and a Director of the Law Practice I worked at, learning skills which are vital for my current role.  I love being able to contribute to the success of such a great school.

Governors who have left the Piggott School in the last 12 months


Appointed by

Duration of term



Lucy Bowley

The Oxford Board of Education

16.3.2016 – 15.5.2024

SEND Governor

Trustee for the Regatta for the disabled

Matt Perowne

The Oxford Board of Education

14.12.2018 – 22.5.2024


Family member is a governor for Robert Piggott Infant & Junior Schools


Joanna Cowley

The Oxford Board of Education

15.7.2016 – 14.7.2024

Safeguarding Governor


Further information on the Agape MAT’s scheme of delegation, our Local Governing Committee structure, terms of reference, governor attendance record, diversity statement can be found on the separate tabs on the right-hand side of this webpage.Members of the Agape Multi-Academy Trust

1: The Bishop of Oxford - Post currently occupied by the Reverend Doctor Steven Croft

2: The Diocesan Board of Education

3. Chair of Trustees – Post currently occupied by Mr Richard Thiele

4. Mr Roderick Broad

All members were appointed on 1st March 2024.

For details of the members remit, please see our articles of association on the "School Governance" page.


Trustees of the Agape Multi-Academy Trust

Mr Richard Thiele – Chair of the Trust Board

Mrs Jan McLucas – Vice Chair of the Trust Board

Mr James Bell

Dr John Bolodeoku

Mrs Ravinder Ghei

Mr Gary Hughes

Mr Justin May

Dr Alison Silby

Mr Tony Wilson

Mr David Wyatt

For details of the trustees remit, please see our articles of association on the "School Governance" page and the scheme of delegation tab on the right-hand side of this webpage.