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Charvil Piggott Primary School

Part of the Piggott Church of England Academy

KataKanus at the Wokingham Waterside Centre


On Friday 27th of April 2018, we went to the River Thames at the Wokingham Waterside Centre and took part in katakanuing. There were lots of swans and geese and the kanus were all different colours and they really stood out.

First we got our lifejackets on and also got our kanus and paddles. Then we got into three groups of six and one group of seven. When we went on the katakanus, they kept on blowing away in the strong wind. The blue kanu crashed straight into the trees! We also bumped into a lot of twigs! It was obvious that everyone had to work as a team.

First, we paddled down stream. Afterwards, we had a race up stream but some paddled back down stream! It was cold and to make things worse we all got wet and were freezing. It was like a real adventure! When we came off the river, Miss Finnegan’s boat was still stuck and a man had to go and help them. We LOVED every bit of katakanus because we all worked together even though it was cold. Finally, we went back on to the coach and went back to school.



Year 4