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Charvil Piggott Primary School

Part of the Piggott Church of England Academy

Foundation Class Trip to Rushall Farm

On Thursday we were very excited to go on our very first school trip, to Rushall Farm. We went on a coach and Wendy, the driver, put on a video for us to watch. When we got to the farm we split into two groups and the farmers, Anne and Sandra, showed us around. We saw lots of different animals – sheep, cows, pigs, a donkey, Shetland ponies, hens, turkeys and even alpacas! We found out that this is the time of year when sheep have their baby lambs – some of us even saw a lamb being born! Everybody had the chance to hold and stroke a baby lamb – they were warm, soft, and wriggly. To get around the farm we went on a big trailer pulled by a tractor. It went along some very bumpy tracks to take us to the barn where we had our picnic. In the afternoon we went exploring in the woods and found out how bees tell each other where to find the best flowers. Then we changed out of our muddy boots and got back on the coach, and Wendy brought us back to school. We were all tired but we had a really lovely day with lots of things to remember.