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The Piggott School

A Church of England Academy

Statutory Information and Policies

This school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.

Term Time Holiday

Please read the following items from the Head Teacher regarding holidays in term time:



 Equality Objectives Summary
  1. Ensure opportunities are offered to skilled and talented staff whilst implementing strategies to retain the breadth of appropriate skills and expertise and the stability to ensure high standards are retained.
  2. Remind staff of their responsibilities and to make everyone aware of the need to report incidents of homophobia, racism, disability harassment, sexual and gender bullying, and religious harassment.
  3. Encourage equal participation for all in all aspects of school life by actively promoting opportunities fairly in lessons and through other media to which all students have access.

Please download the Equalities Procedures and Objectives statement for further information.


Full List Of School Policies
  1. Absence Request form.79262156 update
  2. Absence from School in Term Time
  3. Acceptable Internet usage Policy
  4. Acceptable Use of Mobile Technology
  5. Allegations of abuse against staff procedures 2015
  6. Anti-bullying
  7. Arts
  8. Assessment
  9. BYOD Policy 2015
  10. Behaviour Management policy 2015
  11. Charging and Remissions 2016
  12. Collective Worship 2015
  13. Community Cohesion
  14. Complaint procedures (2015)
  15. Complaints - General
  16. Consent to Administer AdHoc Medication
  17. Consent to Administer Emergency Medication
  18. Curriculum
  19. Data Protection policy and Procedures 2017
  20. Equalities Procedures and Objectives
  21. Equalities policy 2016
  22. Extended Learning
  23. Freedom of Information Policy
  24. Governors' Policy Statement on Charging for School Activities 2016
  25. Governors’ Policy Statement on Extended Learning
  26. Governors’ Policy Statement on Literacy across the Curriculum
  27. Governors’ Policy Statement on Marking and Assessment
  28. Governors Policy Statement on the Curriculum
  29. Governors’ Policy Statement on the Examinations Entry Policy
  30. Governor statement on collective worship 2015
  31. Health & Safety Policy 2017
  32. Holiday letter
  33. Information Security Guidelines
  34. Internet Access Policy
  35. Medical Needs Policy 2016
  36. Most Able and Talented Pupils
  37. Prevent Policy
  38. Procedure on Attendance at the Piggott School
  39. Racist Incidents
  40. Redundancy & restructure policy 2017
  41. Redundancy & restructure policy 2017 (Wokingham Borough Council)
  42. SEN Information Report 2017
  43. SEN Policy
  44. SMSC Policy 2015
  45. Safeguarding Policy 2016
  46. Safer Recruitment Procedures 2017
  47. Safer Recruitment policy 2017
  48. Severe Winter Weather Procedures
  49. Sex and Relationship Education
  50. Spiritual Development 2015
  51. Substance Abuse
  52. The Piggott School Leadership Programme
  53. Volunteer Helpers Policy 2015
  54. Whistleblowing Procedures