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The Piggott School

A Church of England Academy


Our club covers memberships from 11 years old up until 60+. We have set times within our membership such as peak and off-peak which is based upon your age. As well as restrictions of machines based upon your age. 

Off-Peak Membership

Our off-peak membership covers anyone in the school years 7 to 11 and under the age of 16. We have heavily discounted these memberships as the times they’re allowed into the gym are 3pm-5pm Monday-Friday and 11AM - 1PM Saturday and Sunday.

Student Full Membership (Peak)

Our full student memberships cover anyone over the age of 16 and still in full time education. Schools, Colleges and Universities all apply. The membership allows you to come into the gym from 4pm if a student at the school or 5pm if not. You will have full use of the gym facilities and classes available as well as any additional services or products offered by Nuffield Health.

Standard Membership

Our Standard membership covers everything from 5pm until closing. All services and classes are included in this membership.

Joint Memberships

Our final membership type covers two people who live at the same address and use the same bank account details. A slight discount will be applied so that you save £5 a month from your DD. You will also have all the same benefits that a standard membership provides but with an added bonus of a discount.


To find out more about our membership types and pricing options please give us a call or drop us an email to arrange a time to pop down to the club and have a look around.

Call: 0118 940 2247