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The Piggott School

A Church of England Academy


3G Pitch

The installation of the new full-size, floodlit, 3G pitch will ensure that the school can deliver curriculum PE and competitive fixtures all year round.

This facility provides all our students and the wider community with a state of the art training area and a greatly enhanced teaching & learning environment. Not only will the facility benefit students from the school but it will also be used by local football clubs and members of the community.


Click here for further information about boots required for the field 


Nuffield Health Fitness Suite



Click here for further information


FROG Learning Platform

The FROG learning platform allows parents, pupils and staff to...

  • Access school file systems to retrieve and hand in files over the internet
  • Manage Your Homework Allocations
  • View Timetables
  • View Merits/Behaviour Points
  • View the Noticeboards

Air Conditioned IT Suites and Drop in IT Rooms


All of the IT suites in the 6th form are now full air conditioned, including the open area containing over 100 student PCs

Site Wide WiFi for BYOD

The School has now upgraded its Wireless and Broadband services to to the point we can handle the requirements of the Bring Your Own Device scheme (for year pupils 10 onwards). 

Please note that this service is indended for academic research and you may find that you have been filtered or slowed down if your internet use is affecting others (HD video streaming/large file downloads etc) or caintains material unsuitable for use in school. 

Access to the Play and Apple Stores is also limited so please install any required apps before coming onto site.

Free Access to Software


Whether you are a Staff Member or Pupil at the Piggott school you will be licensed for up to 5 personal copies of office 365 to install on your own Tablet/Apple/PC or just use on the web.


To access this service all you will need is a current Piggott School Computer Logon.

Once you have this visit and log in with your username in the following format:

{Piggott Computer Logon} +

The password you use to access the computers and email is syncronised with your office 365 account so will always match what you have set at school.


Google Apps is at the core of our BYOD use at school. It provides many apps to enable collaborative online working, and a single sign on to many other websites.

To log into google apps for education you will need to use the computer logon +

The password you use to access the computers and email is syncronised with your google account so will always match what you have set at school.