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Charvil Piggott Primary School

Part of the Piggott Church of England Academy


The latest news from Charvil Piggott Primary

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  • School Closure

    Published 31/01/19

    In the interests of staff and student safety Charvil Piggott will be closed today, Friday 1st February 2019.

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  • School Open

    Published 30/01/19

    Both Wargrave and Charvil sites are open today. Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear for the weather conditions.

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  • Year 2 Trip - Windsor Castle

    Published 10/01/19

    As part of their topic work this term, Year 2 have been learning about knights and castles.

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  • Year 1 Trip - Norden Farm Arts Centre

    Published 10/01/19

    As part of their Winter Wonderland topic, Year 1  visited Norden Farm Arts Centre.

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  • Year 4 Trip - Living Rain Forest

    Published 10/01/19

    In year 4 we have been learning about rainforest so we went on a trip to the Living Rainforest. 

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  • Year 3 Trip - Chiltern Open Air Museum

    Published 10/01/19

    On Friday the 2nd of November, we went on a school trip. 

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  • KataKanus at the Wokingham Waterside Centre

    Published 22/05/18


    On Friday 27th of April 2018, we went to the River Thames at the Wokingham Waterside Centre and took part in katakanuing. There were lots of swans and geese and the kanus were all different colours and they really stood out.

    First we got our lifejackets on and also got our kanus and paddles. Then we got into three groups of six and one group of seven. When we went on the katakanus, they kept on blowing away in the strong wind. The blue kanu crashed straight into the trees! We also bumped into a lot of twigs! It was obvious that everyone had to work as a team.

    First, we paddled down stream. Afterwards, we had a race up stream but some paddled back down stream! It was cold and to make things worse we all got wet and were freezing. It was like a real adventure! When we came off the river, Miss Finnegan’s boat was still stuck and a man had to go and help them. We LOVED every bit of katakanus because we all worked together even though it was cold. Finally, we went back on to the coach and went back to school.



    Year 4

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  • 10am start - Monday 19th March

    Published 18/03/18

    Due to the icy conditions school will start at 10am today at Wargrave and Charvil Piggott. Please wear sensible shoes as not all areas will be ice free.
    Children arriving by school bus at the usual time should go to the library. 

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  • School Closure - Friday 2nd March

    Published 01/03/18

    In the interests of staff and student safety Wargrave Piggott and Charvil Piggott will be closed on Friday 2nd March 2018.

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  • Severe Winter Weather Procedures

    Published 28/02/18

    It is widely expected that towards the end of this week, we will continue to have very cold weather and possibly disruptive snow.  As ever our principle is to remain open as usual and all is in place to grit and make the site as safe as possible.  Should there be a need to consider any changes to this, we will communicate using the procedure linked below.  In preparation for the cold weather please would you ensure your son or daughter wears footwear that is appropriate for the conditions.


    The decision for closure before school opens will be made as early as possible. If the decision is made to close the site during the school day, this will be communicated using the same process. If you are unable to collect your child during the school day or they are unable to travel home independently, please prepare an alternative plan with an agreed place that they can stay until you are able to meet them.  This will ensure that your child is able to leave the site promptly for their own safety.


    In conclusion, please assume that the school is open unless communication is received regarding a planned closure.


    Thank you for your continuing support.


    Charvil Piggott Primary School

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  • Foundation Class Trip to Rushall Farm

    Published 28/02/18

    On Thursday we were very excited to go on our very first school trip, to Rushall Farm. We went on a coach and Wendy, the driver, put on a video for us to watch. When we got to the farm we split into two groups and the farmers, Anne and Sandra, showed us around. We saw lots of different animals – sheep, cows, pigs, a donkey, Shetland ponies, hens, turkeys and even alpacas! We found out that this is the time of year when sheep have their baby lambs – some of us even saw a lamb being born! Everybody had the chance to hold and stroke a baby lamb – they were warm, soft, and wriggly. To get around the farm we went on a big trailer pulled by a tractor. It went along some very bumpy tracks to take us to the barn where we had our picnic. In the afternoon we went exploring in the woods and found out how bees tell each other where to find the best flowers. Then we changed out of our muddy boots and got back on the coach, and Wendy brought us back to school. We were all tired but we had a really lovely day with lots of things to remember.

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  • Year 3 River Walk in Henley

    Published 06/02/18

    On Thursday, Year 3 went on an adventurous trip to part of the River Thames in Henley

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